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Click on the rental product image below for pricing and information. 

Feel free to call (301) 466-8644 to TALK LIVE with a professional detectorist who can recommend detectors and accessories that will help you find what you're looking for!

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Rings, Phones, Keys,

Jewelry, Earrings, Chains,

Bracelets, Car Fobs, Watches,

Airpods, Coins,

Bluetooths, Relics, Glasses, 

Hearing Aids, Dental Hardware,

Buried Treasure


Property Markers

Survey Pins, Nails, Gas Lines, Water and Gas Valves, Curb Stops, Manhole Covers,

Sprinkler Heads, Pipes, Septic Tanks, Clean Out Drain Pipes and Other Deep Iron / Steel Objects

An essential tool for your treasure hunting adventures and recoveries. We provide quality and affordable pinpointers for all purposes and environments. This includes brands such as: Garrett, Noktia, Whites and Kuman. Make your detecting easier!  

When there is a very hard-to-find target in a tough-to-handle environment, that's when you must turn to a smaller detector coil. Also, if you are dealing with a very high concentrated area of metal content, a smaller disc will help greatly in bringing separation between one piece of metal and another.

We rent headphones for every environment and compatible with all detector brands that we rent. This includes: Wireless Bluetooth, Waterproof, Underwater and Basic Monaural Sets for Minelab, Garrett, Noktia Makro and XP products.

Each shovel has its own unique capabilities in helping you get the job done no matter what type of terrain, depth, size of divot or plug, toughness of soil and height of detectorist! There are no other shovels on the market that will provide a higher quality than the ones that we rent...guaranteed!

Hand diggers are small, handheld digging tools for metal detecting. You can use these for creating a plug, but they are mainly for removing smaller quantities of material beneath the main plug. These are for the “micro” or detail level of digging, during which you must be careful not to hit or ding your target.

Picking the right sand scoop for your treasure hunting needs will help you recover targets more quickly with less effort, providing for a better hunt overall. We rent the finest quality of long shaft scoops made of various types of materials, such as: titanium, stainless steel and plastic.

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