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Check out our variety of diggers below! We have one for every kind of dig site! We want to make your life much easier in finding unlimited types of targets in challenging environments!

Each digger has its own unique capabilities in helping you get the job done no matter what type of terrain, depth, size of divot or plug and toughness of soil. When there is a very hard-to-obtain target in a tough-to-handle environment, that's when you must turn to the appropriate digging source.  If you need a hand digger with a double serrated blade, a single blade, plastic construction for children's use or a larger and stronger blade body for challenging situations, we have what you are looking for! The tool quality that we provide cannot be compared to any other product on the market! We rent the best...guaranteed!



Please call (301) 466-8644 to TALK LIVE with a professional detectorist who can recommend just the right digger for your particular environment, terrain and application.


$10 Per Day

  • Provides a durable 7.5” carbon steel blade with serrated edges

  • Carbon-steel blade

  • Cutting-edge teeth tears into all types of soil

  • Creates uniform holes

  • Easily slices through small roots 

  • Designed specifically for metal-detecting adventures

  • Ideal for recovering coins and relics

  • Features a comfortable rubber handle

  • Non-slip blade guard bringing the total length to 12"


$5 Per Day

  • Lightweight digging tool 

  • Made of a tough polymer to avoid marring coins and other treasures

  • Measures 10" in length

  • Features ruler markings in the trowel to gauge the depth of a hole

  • Perfect for children

  • Performs well on sandy beaches and in soft soils


$10 Per Day

  • Essential to any treasure hunting situation

  • One of the most durable and valuable diggers

  • RS & LS Styles which means “right serration” and "left serration" depending on whether you are right or left handed

  • Alloy steel blade is heat tempered

  • Serrated blade is tough enough to last a lifetime

  • Blade length is 7 inches long

  • Helps you quickly cut through soil to find your target


$15 Per Day

  • Great all around digging tool

  • Cushioned off set handle that keeps your fingers out of the dirt

  • Dish shape body on the blade

  • Moves a good amount of soil for a digger

  • Super for metal detecting plugs & gardening

  • Great for not only soil digs but also at beaches

  • Made from 4130 Chrome Moly aircraft quality steel

  • Heat treated / tempered to make super strong

  • 14" in length

  • Weight is 16 oz.

  • Blade is 3 1/2" at the widest point and 8" long 


$7 Per Day

  • Made of heat treated carbon steel

  • Straight and serrated edges to easily break through hard soil and roots

  • Oversized comfortable grip and hand guard helps in minimizing accidental injuries

  • Cutting clean and deep plugs, digging, excavating treasures, loosening soil, planting, transplanting, weeding, and more

  • Length is 7-1/2" and the overall length is 12"

Please call (301) 466-8644 to TALK LIVE with a professional detectorist who can recommend just the right digger for your type of environment, terrain and application.

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